Developer(s) Compile
Publisher(s) Compile (MSX2)
D4Enterprise (WVC)
Square Enix Mobile (JM)
Series Aleste
Platform(s) MSX2, Mobile Game, Virtual Console, iOS
Release date(s) February 1988
Genre(s) Vertical Shooting Scrool

Aleste (アレスタ) is a 1988 shoot 'em up video game developed by Compile for the MSX2. It is a direct successor to Compile's earlier Zanac, featuring many of the themes and gameplay mechanics of that work.

Plot Edit

The story of Aleste concerns the manmade supercomputer DIA 51, which has been infected by a hybrid virus that is spreading like wildfire, eventually leading DIA 51 to eliminate the human race. When Yuri, Ray's girlfriend, gets injured in DIA's assault, Raymond Waizen has all the reason in the world to get rid of DIA 51 once and for all in his Aleste fighter.

Releases Edit

An MSX2 version was released in July of that year, featuring two new stages, lowered difficulty, and a series of cutscenes.

A version of the game has been released on phones by Square Enix, presumably based on the MSX2 version. The MSX2 version has been rereleased on Nintendo's Wii Virtual Console service in Japan. It along with Aleste 2 had also been rereleased through the now-defunct WOOMB service.

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