Axelay is a multidirectional scrolling shmup created by Konami in 1992. It has reached infamy in shmup history not only for it's game style and graphics but because of an unfulfilled promise proclaimed.


Corliss, an Earth-like planet in the Illis system has been invaded by an alien fleet known as the Armada of Annihilation. This fleet has been taking over systems in the area and they have attacked Corliss, devastating the civilization there. In a last ditch effort to repel the AoA, Corliss sends out their last surviving starfighter, the D-117B Axelay.


Axelay is similar in respect to Salamander/Life Force in the sense that there are stages of both horizontal and vertical stages. It is different from other Konami shooters in that the player can choose three weapons of different types at the beginning of each stage and there are no powerups to collect. Another major difference is that the player can take up to four hits maximum, with each hit disabling the currently selected weapon. If the player gets hit while having a disabled weapon, they are destroyed. Also, impacts with enemies and terrain will destroy the player. With destruction, the debris of the player will damage enemies.

At the start, the Axelay can only equip three weapons, one for each hardpoint: Straight Laser, Round Vulcan, and Macro Missile. After completing a stage, a new weapon can be equipped.


  • Stage 1 - Cumuluses
  • Stage 2 - Tralieb Colony
  • Stage 3 - Urbanite
  • Stage 4 - Cavern Area
  • Stage 5 - Sector 3 Lava Planet
  • Stage 6 - AoA Fortress

Unfulfilled Promise:Edit

Upon beating Axelay twice in Hard mode, there was a message promising Axelay 2. However, due to several factors including some of the developers leaving Konami and creating Treasure Inc., Axelay 2 was never created.

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