Blue Wish (ブルーウィッシュ, Buruuisshu) is a Japanese vertically scrolling bullet hell doujin soft by x.x, released in August 8, 2005 for Windows PC.

Blue Wish is the second game released by x.x after Green Wind that uses the Tonyo System. Blue Wish's gameplay is reminiscent to Cave's DoDonPachi. It is also somewhat of a short game, consisting of five stages.

Two enhanced versions of Blue Wish were later released as Blue Wish Resurrection and Blue Wish Resurrection Plus for Windows PC.


Blue Wish's gameplay falls similarly to Cave shooters such as DoDonPachi; players can chose from two different fighters, Blue Wish and Blue Hope. Each fighter have two attack methods and bomb attacks. Using a bomb with the primary weapon invokes a wide-ranged explosion with a long invincibility time; the secondary version invokes a powerful laser attack, but has limited range and shorter invincibility time.

The player starts with two lives and three bombs. Defeated enemies leave behind point items that are drawn to the fighter. Using either bomb types will also convert enemy bullets into point items. Power-up items will sometimes appear. These items can increase the level of the fighter's weapon, add bombs, or extra lives. Destruction of the player's fighter will scatter collected weapon power-up.

At the end of each stage, players will receive bonuses for the number of lives the player has, how many point items the player has, and how many bombs the player has left.


  • Blue Wish: A fighter with wide attack range, but slow mobility.
  • Blue Hope: A fighter with high attack power and better mobility than Blue Wish, but has limited attack range.
  • Blue Peace: A special fighter that can only be unlocked after certain conditions have been met. Blue Peace is the fastest of the three fighters, but lacks the ability to use bombs.

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