The Dezaemon games are very unique in the world of shmups. They allow players to create their own shmup from scratch and depending on the game, allow them to share the game with others. Included in each game is a demo shmup, premade and designed to show what the engine can do. The games span several systems, the latest ones being Dezaemon Kids! for the PS1 and Dezaemon 3D for the N64. The most popular one is Dezaemon 2 due to the ability to transfer games to other sources.

  • Dezaemon (FC) 1991
  • Dezaemon (SFC) 1994
  • Dezaemon Plus (PS1) 1996
  • Dezaemon Kids! (PS1) 1998
  • Dezaemon 3D (N64) 1998
  • Dezaemon 2 (Saturn) 1997

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