The R-Type Series is a Horizontally Scrolling Shooter arcade game series produced by Irem in 1987. The player controls a space fighter named "Arrowhead" to defend humanity against a mysterious but powerful alien lifeform known as "Bydo".

The R-Type SeriesEdit


R-Type was released in 1987.

R-Type IIEdit

R-Type II was released in 1989.

Super R-TypeEdit

Super R-Type (1991)

R-Type LeoEdit

R-Type Leo (1992)

R-Type III: The Third LightningEdit

R-Type III: The Third Lightning (1993)

R-Type DeltaEdit

R-Type Delta (1998)

R-Type FinalEdit

R-Type Final (2003)

R-Type TacticsEdit

R-Type Tactics (2007)

R-Type DimensionsEdit

R-Type Dimensions (2008)

R-Type OffshootEdit

Image FightEdit

Image Fight (1988)

Image Fight II: Operation DeepstrikerEdit

Image Fight II



Armed Police Unit GallopEdit

Armed Police Unit Gallop (Cosmic Cop) (1991)

Fan GamesEdit


G-Type (2001?)

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