The D-117B Axelay is an advanced fighter that was the player in Axelay. It is unique in that it is launched with a full complement of weapons, which are split into three separate categories. Each of the weapon hardpoints allows the Axelay to take damage and suffers critical damage if it is hit when a hardpoint is activated where the weapon is deactivated due to previous damage.


1. Pod
Straight Laser - Shoots a stream of laser bolts that look like fireballs.
Needle Cracker - Shoots a three stream of thin homing lasers
Wind Laser - Shoots four lasers that curve from behind and spread out shooting ahead. Can be angled to intersect or fan out more.
2. Side
Round Vulcan - Shoots a stream of vulcan shots around the Axelay. With careful control it can aim in any direction.
Morning Star - Energy shots circle the Axelay and expand their orbit until released where they will shoot in the direction they are facing,
3. Bay
Macro Missile - Shoots out four missiles in front which upon impact cause spread damage.
Explosion Bomb - Horizontal: Falls to the ground and a stream blasts along the terrain in a line. Vertical: Acts like the Macro Missile.
Cluster Bomb - Releases bombs slightly behind and below the Axelay.

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