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Espgaluda was released by Cave as an arcade game in 2003.

Game playEdit

Extra livesEdit

Player gains extra life at 4 and 14 million points, or obtaining extend item.


Playstation 2 version came out and included a walkthrough DVD video.

Arrange modeEdit

It is a feature added to Playstation 2 version of the game. Following changes are made:

  • Redesigned stages.
  • There are new fighters made available to players which are: Jakou, Chihiro, and B-5.
  • Player gains extra life at 80 and 280 million points.
  • Arranged BGM remixed by Super Sweep was played.
  • Game difficulty is same as 2nd loop.
  • Continue and mid-game joining are disabled.
  • Reversed button layout for shot and guard barrier button.

External linksEdit

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