Image Fight II is a Vertically Scrolling Shooter released only for the PC-Engine Super CD. It was created by Irem in 1992 and is the sequel to Image Fight. One of the more notable aspects of this game is the presence of cutscenes that play as the game progresses.


This section contains a non-verified interpretation based on visual evidence. This will be changed when better info is available.


"On July 18, 2048. Mariko, the mother computer on the moon base, gave a silent cry and went silent. Peace was then restored to the Earth and people tried hard on reconstruction on the devasted planet. Three years after, a Space probe placed between Saturn and Uranus detected the change in Deep Space for the first time. In the direction of Sagitarius, a cluster of objects emerged, warping the space around it and emiting light shifting to blue intro the spectrum. The analysis of the spectrum revealed the most fearful data about the unidentified objects. Distance: 0.15 Years Light, Direction: Straight forward to the Earth, Conclusion: An Enemy Armada approaching. It now came home to the human race that the last space war had been nothing more than a preliminary skirmish."

The game, as the Intro states, occurs three years after the events of Image Fight. The Boondoggle Galaxy aliens that had initially attacked the Earth have attacked again, this time in a more direct strike. The OF-1 was repaired after the battle against the deranged defense system on the moon but was instead used as a simulation craft. After passing the simulations, the newly improved OF-3 was launched to repel the enemy and finally bring an end to the war.


Image Fight II is similar in style to Image Fight, right down to having to do simulations. And then, Real Combat Missions.

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