Libra (or LIBRA) is the final boss of RefleX and subsequently the final ZODIAC to be destroyed by Phoenix Mk. 2. This creation is one of the Raiwat's ZODIAC automatic weapons platforms that was released upon the Earth with the intent of destroying all humanity. Like the other ZODIACs, save for Ophiuchus, Libra went berserk and almost destroyed the Raiwat themselves until it was finally shut down via unknown processes.

Although the ZODIACs are similar in design and generally have the same basic loadout (Reflection Shield, Energy Release (Wings), Big Frontal Laser Cannon, Missiles, Lock-On Lasers, various turrets), the configuration of each ZODIAC is different.

Libra is armed with a the standard power laser cannon which can shoot the width of the main body. It is also armed with an incredibly powerful but costly hyper laser cannon which is fired from the top of Libra while its "legs" are extended and in hover mode. This cannon can flood the entire area, even more than Virgo's, and lasts a considerable amount of time. Anything caught in the blast without high quality protection will be decimated, but this comes at a price for Libra. Overuse of this weapon can cause considerable damage to Libra, leaving it nearly crippled. While it lacks the gravity field that Virgo had as well as it's front spread shots, Libra is equipped with 4 pods of considerable power. Each pod has the ability to shoot it's own power laser cannon of the same quality as Libra in addition to shooting a concentrated shotgun spread of bullets and also having the ability to randomly teleport nearby for sneak attacks.

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