Mini Space Invaders is a freeware game that was released in 2004 for the PC. It was made by Andrew Canham and is for one player only. It features the unique concept of living up to its name by having an astounding 352 small invaders per screen.

The invaders come in several forms, looking like rats, lobsters, monsters, and babies. They fire pretty quickly, although the player can fire several shots in only a couple of seconds, but they travel fairly slowly. Also, when the player gets down to only one remaining invader, it still won’t move very quickly, unlike with just about any other Space Invaders games.

There are nine bunkers onscreen, making it difficult to fire at the invaders, plus it takes a while to shoot a hole through the bunkers. However, they bunkers don’t get replaced with new ones once the player clears a level, unlike how the usually do with most Space Invaders games.

When the bonus U. F. O. appears, it makes a near-perfect replica of the sound effect from when a player destroys the U. F. O. from the original arcade game, and sometimes they will come out one right after the other in only a short time frame.

There aren’t many sound effects, just when the player’s base gets hit, the saucer appears and gets destroyed; the rest of it is techno music.


  • Start game--any key
  • End game--exit key
  • Move laser base--arrow keys
  • Fire--ctrl key


The main screen has a rendition of the original Space Invaders machine artwork.


This article uses material from the Space Invaders Wikia Mini Space Invaders article and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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