All Good Things was the fourth release from Classic Game Creations. It is a compilation cartridge, comprised of a clone of Space Invaders Part II and clones of four other games.

More Invaders!Edit


All Good Things cover

This is the follow-up to Classic Game Creations' very first Vectrex homebrew of Vector Vaders and is based on the arcade game Space Invaders Part II. Invaders travel from side to side dropping bombs, and once they reach the edge of the screen, the entire formation drops down a notch. They are much more numerous this time than on the original Vector Vaders, having each level comprised of at least 48 invaders, rather than 25. Also, rather than having three unique types of invaders as with Vector Vaders, this time around the invaders are all shaped like the letter 'v'. A bonus flying saucer will appear during a level that is worth many more points than the invaders (50, 100, 150 or 300 vs. 10, 20, or 30 points for each invader) and shoot at the player, and there is a possibility of one of two secret bonuses that can be awarded at the end of a level. The player can also hide behind one of four bunkers for protection, which will eventually disappear after being shot too many times by the player and/or enemy fire.

Starting with the second level, some invaders will split into two when shot. In between each level is a brief cinematic ode to Space Invaders Part II where an invader on top of a saucer will fly offscreen saying "S. O. S."

Either running out of bases or being overrun by invaders (i. e. the invaders reach the bottom of the screen) will end the game. An extra base is awarded at 5000 points.

Secret bonusEdit

The farthest left vertical column of invaders must be dealt with last during a level in order to obtain a bonus. If the lowest invader is shot last, the player will earn a 1000 point bonus, while shooting the second lowest invader last will score 500.

Other included gamesEdit

Other games included on the cart include Rockaroids, an Asteroids clone, and non-shooter games of Spike's Water Balloons, a Kaboom! clone, Vectris, a Tetris clone, and 23 Matches, a clone of a TRS-80 game. All games are for one player only.


Vector Vaders preceded More Invaders, and Vector Vaders The Director's Cut was the third Space Invaders-type homebrew for the Vectrex, which appeared on the later Vecmania cart, which had the fastest gameplay for any Space Invaders-type game for the Vectrex yet.


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