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NYXX is a vertical scrolling shooter by german infie game studio Infinite Vile that was published for Windows in 05/2014. It is inspired by classical shoot em ups such as DonPachi and Battle Garegga but also draws many elements from the Touhou - Perfect Shrine Maiden Series. While graphics and gameplay are mostly old school, it also includes modern elements such as transparency and particle effects. Later levels clearly drift towards bullet hell.

Gameplay Edit

The game contains 6 Stages with a bossfight on each end, and three different ships for players to choose from. There are 4 difficulties from Easy to Funny. The latter adds suicide bullets to the game, making it really hard to beat even the first stage. Easy difficulty is well suited even for beginners.

Ships can be focussed to move slower and shoot more precisely. Weapons are divided in Primary, Secondary, and Bombs. As the player gathers weapon powerups, their current weapon primary and secondary weapon will be upgraded. Once the weapon is at max, additional powerups will result in a unique "burst shot". A burst shot causes a lot of damage to enemies and clears most bullets.

Tactics include Chaining, Bullet Grazing, Point Blank and various boss milking strategies.

Compability Edit

Nyxx is supported for windows only, but works under Wine/Mac. It does however not work under Wine/Linux due to incompabilities.

XInput/DirectInput Gamepads are supported

Nyxx features a scanline option, however there is no native TATE possibilty.

Links Edit

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