The OF-1 Daedalus is the primary fighter from Image Fight and secondary fighter of Image Fight II alongside with the OF-3 Garuda. It also is a ship available in R-Type Final. It has the ability to change it's speed in 4 levels, ranging from very slow to very fast. More interesting is that the thrust from speed changing can damage enemies, which can come in use at some parts.


The OF-1 is able to equip several armor components that connect to the front of the fighter. Each armor can take only one hit before being destroyed. Also, the OF-1 can only equip one armor at a time and cannot detach it by trying to equip another armor. Image Fight II adds additional armors, but for a different fighter.

The armors are:

  • Drill Cannon - Shoots pulse lasers directly ahead.
  • V-Vulcan - Shoots shots in a V pattern, leaves the front vulnerable without Pods but has some front attack ability.
  • Side Shot - Shoots shots to the left and right of the OF-1, leaves the front vulnerable without Pods.
  • Ring Laser - Shoots a semi waving circular ring in a V pattern. It will shoot ahead if the Fire button is held down.
  • Reflection Ball - Shoots balls in a V pattern that bounces off of walls and targets.
  • 5-Way - Shoots 5 shots directly ahead in a wide pattern.
  • Homing Missiles - Shoots several missiles that home in on nearby targets.
  • Search Laser - Shoots small lasers that shoot ahead then turn 90 degrees left/right to hit targets.
  • Shield - Forms a circular shield in front that blocks some bullets. In order to use this, you have to hold the Fire button.

The Garuda's Weaponry is the next:

  • Plasma Flame - A short range flame thrower is released that bends up to 90 degrees opposite of the movement of the OF-3.
  • Side Search Laser - Works exactly like the Homing Laser except instead of shooting up, it shoots to the left and right then bends up/down.
  • Ground Missile - Missiles shoot out the sides and travel up along the terrain.
  • Gravity Bomb - A slow moving bomb is shot ahead and upon impact spreads out a small distance.
  • Multi-Barrier - A barrier is formed that slightly moves when the OF-3 moves. It can also be shot out to damage targets.
  • Speed Cannon - The speed of the ship determines how big the shot is. Higher speeds means smaller shots.


In addition to the armors, the OF-1 is capable of using up to three Pods that act as support fire. When at least two are available (the left and right ones), pressing Thrust and Fire simultaneously shoots them a short distance before returning. In R-Type Final, simply detaching/returning the Force enables this feature.

  • Red Pods - Shoot in a direction opposite of the fighter's movement.
  • Blue Pods - Shoot straight always.

R-Type Final exclusive:

  • Yellow Pods - Do not shoot anything but have a powered up version of the launch attack.
  • Green Pods - A better version of Red Pods. They shoot in two directions simultaneously.


  • The OF-1 has made an appearance in two other Irem games, a Game Boy game and R-Type Final.
  • In R-Type Final, the weapons are split up between 5 fighters, OF-1 through OF-5. Each one has their own theme and set of weapons. Also, the armors are indestructible as they are Force units that act like the Standard Force.

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