ZODIAC Ophiuchus Original Body

The Ophiuchus' original body reunited with its core as seen on the credits.

Ophiuchus (or OPHIUCHUS) is the oddball of the Raiwat ZODIACs. It was designed to attack and destroy all the other ZODIACs above all else as they had gone berserk and attacked their creators. However, for unknown reasons the Core and the Frame were separated and the Unit was never complete.

The Core was discovered by Dr. Denys and through his analysis of it, in addition to what knowledge he could find on the ZODIACs, was able to create new weapon systems designed to counter the Raiwat ZODIACs. Due to the Earth Government's militaristic regime and the abuse of the Human Zodiacs, Dr. Denys decided to integrate the Ophiuchus Core into a Phoenix Mk. 2 fighter and use that as the main fighter of the resistance. Soon after encountering VIRGO, the fighter was crippled, the pilot was killed, and the Core activated. From there it fulfilled its objective and eventually destroyed all of the ZODIACs, subsequently self-destructing afterwards.

The Frame is theorized to have been utilized as a final defense for the ALLTYNEX OS but, due to it missing its Core, was not nearly as effective of a weapon as the other ZODIACs were. Among the missing items include the reflection shield, ability to gain energy wings, and several weapon hardpoints and wide turrets.

The Satariel, the final boss of ALLTYNEX Second, is powered by the Ophiuchus Core.

It is not known what Ophiuchus would have been like had the Unit been complete, but it would most likely be even more destructive than the other ZODIACs.

Trivia Edit

  • Ophiuchus, sometimes referred to as Serpentarius, that lies between Scorpius and Sagittarius. In astrology, Ophiuchus is a newcomer as the 13th sign and is not recognized by most mainstream versions.
  • Considering that it was basically created to destroy the other 12, the Ophiuchus is arguably the most powerful of the ZODIACs as its core alone was integrated to a standard Phoenix Mk.2 fighter and was able to annihilate all 12 ZODIACs including 2 Kamui fighters.
  • The Ophiuchus was not programmed to minimize collateral damage and as a result its quest to terminate the other ZODIACs also destroyed almost all of humanity.

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