The Phoenix Mk. 2 (Official Name: ALFI-PH2RX Phenix02) is the player fighter in RefleX. It was created by Dr. Denys who was researching a strange Core from a then unknown race which later turned out to be the 13th ZODIAC Core unit, called Ophiuchus, that was created by the Raiwat to destroy the other ZODIACs they had created and had gone out of control. The Core gave the Phoenix Mk. 2 the unique ability to reflect most energy fire either randomly or back at the firing enemy or in the case of larger fire negate damage.

Initially, the Phoenix Mk. 2 is able to take six direct hits to its frame before it is destroyed. It also has limited use of the reflection shield before it needs to be recharged. Its standard fire also has some wide shot ability at the price of slower fire.

When the Phoenix Mk. 2 is nearly destroyed by VIRGO, the Ophiuchus AI kicks in and activates the full power of the Core, essentially turning the Phoenix Mk. 2 into a ZODIAC, specifically (Ophiuchus (Raiwat)). In the transformation, the mechanics of the fighter change drastically. It gains unlimited use of the reflection shield, a much higher rate of fire, an energy spark forms from reflected shots impacting upon enemy shots causing them feedback damage. However, it loses the slight wide shot, instead being completely straight and also loses the armor so one unprotected hit will destroy it due to the armor being practically stripped by VIRGO.

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