Raiden Fighters is a series of vertically-scrolling Shoot 'em Ups by Seibu Kaihatsu. This series has no real connection with the Raiden series other than a cameo of the Raiden Mk-II among the selectable ships. In fact, the original game was going to be called Gun Dogs, but the name was changed to the current one for marketing reasons.

Much like Raiden, there's little in the way of actual plot. The games are set in modern day, focusing on a group of elite fighters who fight a nameless dictator. There are various ships available to the player, each with it's own stats. Each ship has a missile weapon and a laser weapon, which can be changed between by picking up the corresponding power-up icon. Also adding to the arsenal are the slave ships, which function much like the wingmen in the 1940 series.


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