Reflection title screen
Reflection's title screen.
Developer(s) Ysuer
Publisher(s) Ysuer
Version 1.02
Platform(s) Windows
Release date(s) 1997
Genre(s) Vertically-scrolling shooter, Doujin soft
Media Download
System requirements OS
Windows 95 or higher
Main memory
Video card
Sound card

Reflection is a vertically scrolling shooter released for Windows PC in 1997. It was developed by Ysuer, the original name of Siter Skain. This was the prototype for the later Siter Skain game, RefleX and thus the two share many similarities. While Kamui was in development or shortly after it was developed, RefleX was starting to be created. However, information on RefleX's further development ceased to be posted until it was released with little warning several years after Kamui.

Reflection itself is only 3 stages long and contains the 3 bosses associated with RefleX, although the last boss is not named.


The fighter is assumed to be a Phoenix Mk. 1 or it is the original concept of the Phoenix Mk. 2. In this version, the weapons are somewhat different in appearance as missiles are included in the layout but are simply another component of the energy system.


  • Stage 1: Pinpoint Raid
    • Sub-Boss: Unnamed (Assumed Pisces (Type-E) (Human))
    • Boss: Aircraft Battleship Virgo
  • Stage 2: Orbit Passage
    • Sub-Boss: Unnamed (Assumed Taurus (Human))
    • Boss: Riot Cruiser Scorpio
  • Stage 3: Meteor Fleet
    • Sub-Boss: Unnamed (Assumed Gemini (Type-L, R) (Human))
    • Boss: Huge Battleship Sagittarius
    • Final Boss: Unnamed (Assumed Cancer (Human))

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