Shikigami no Shiro (式神の城, Castle of Shikigami) is a series of vertically-scrolling Shoot 'em Ups by Alfa System. Despite having received western releases, the earlier games in the series either had all plot removed or received awful translations, to the point of becoming a recurring joke.

Story and gameplayEdit

The games focus on a group of paranormal investigators, all of which can draw spiritual powers known as Shikigamis. Despite the somewhat serious tone, however, the plot of the games is very nonsensical.

Gameplay is standard bullet-hell fare, with a button for shooting and one for smart bombs. By holding down the shot button, the characters will use their Shikigami Attack, which instantly attracts dropped coins from defeated enemies but severely slows down movement. The games also incentive grazing, which gives a power boost to the characters attacks for as long the sprite is grazing.

Recurring charactersEdit

  • Kohtaro Kuga
  • Sayo Yuuki
  • Gennojo Hyuga
  • Kim Dae John
  • Fumiko Odette Von Stein
  • Roger Sasuke


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