Space Manbow

Space Manbow

Appearances :
Space Manbow (1989)
Otomedius G: Gorgeous (2008)
Other Media :
Best Student Council (2005)

Space Manbow is a guest boss from the game Space Manbow. He is part of the boss rush in Otomedius G: Gorgeous. In the boss rush mode, it is accompanied by a re-arranged version of Moan, the theme song of the last boss in Space Manbow.

Origin Edit

The Space Manbow is a benevolent Bio-mechanical organism with a near impregnable forcefield. Due to it's large size, it requires a lot of energy to survive. Due to this, it's main food supply is other planets, making this a being feared by many species.

In the original game, Scientists came up with a plan to activate a teleporter deep inside ancient ruins that housed the Space Manbow and a massive collection of robots still active after the fall of the planets civilization. By using this teleporter, the player was able to teleport inside.

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