The Next Space
Title Screen
Developer(s) SNK
Publisher(s) SNK
Platform(s) Arcade
Release date(s) 1989
Genre(s) Vertical shooter

The Next Space is a vertically scrolling Shoot 'em Up released in 1989 by SNK for Arcades.


The game is a typical scrolling shooter, with two buttons used for the primary shot and secondary shot respectively. Red capsules will leave "S" icons which will raise the ship's speed. Along the way the player will also find blue capsules which will release power-ups which equip different secondary shots into the ship. There are nine different secondary shots available, each represented by a different letter. By shooting the power-up icons the player will cycle between the letters, allowing to equip the desired weapon. Weapons don't stack, so picking up more icons of the same letter won't raise the player's firepower.

The secondary weapons are as follows:

  • A - Spread Shot: Shoots three bullets in an arc
  • B - Missile: Shoots two piercing missiles forward
  • C - Flamethrower: Fires a short range flame blast
  • D - Bomb: Fires a bomb which detonates on impact or after reaching the top of the screen
  • E - Ripple: Fires three ripple beams, one forward and two to the sides
  • F - Wave shot: Shoots two bullets which move in a wave pattern
  • G - Sniper shot: Creates a target which auto-aims on enemies
  • H - Options: Calls two small drones which circle around the player ship, firing at enemies and protecting the player from damage
  • I - Cluster: Fires a shell which explodes and releases various bullets which home onto enemies

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