Virgo (or VIRGO) is the boss of stage 7 from RefleX and is the cause of the Phoenix Mk. 2's transformation. This creation is one of the Raiwat's ZODIAC automatic weapons platforms that was released upon the Earth with the intent of destroying all humanity. Like the other ZODIACs, save for Ophiuchus, Virgo went berserk and almost destroyed the Raiwat themselves until it was finally shut down via unknown processes.

Although the ZODIACs are similar in design and generally have the same basic loadout (Reflection Shield, Energy Release (Wings), Big Frontal Laser Cannon, Missiles, Lock-On Lasers, various turrets), the configuration of each ZODIAC is different.

Virgo is armed with a variable power laser cannon which allows it to shoot beams that grant it considerable adjustable width. The beams can attack the distance of it's main body or it can be extended to cover more than double, literally flooding the entire area. Another feature of Virgo is the ability to create a gravity field focused directly in front of the laser cannons. Once the target is trapped, Virgo will either shoot its laser cannons or swarm the target with a barrage of various shots from the many turrets. The tips of the main body can also shoot spread shots in a very wide pattern. Virgo also has a tendency to attempt to ram a target with the energy shield up if no other attacks are effective.


  • "Virgo" is a zodiac term for a virgin.

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